It may seem like a strange combination, an animation film maker and a furniture designer, but in Ties Poeth( Tegelen,1957) ’s work, they are two sides of the same coin. In the 1980’s, during his time in academia, he explored the different boundaries and disciplines by painting directly onto film. “The Questioning”(im frage) is the most characteristic aspect of Ties Poeth as an artist: for Ties, nothing is obvious, he is amazed on a regular basis, for example, how we approach language, and from this amazement comes images.

During the first Gulf War, in the 1990’s, came his inspiration for his first object, the TV cabinet. At that time, “The Mother of all Wars” was the phrased the media coined, but for Ties, the words “Mother”? and “War”? shouldn’t be associated together, and therefore he designed a cabinet in the form of a Mother: Medium message Manipulating Mother. Similarly emerged years later USS. “You’re so sweet” in SMS language. Incomprehensible, according to the artist, who associates USS with deadly marine warfare. His amazement led to a cabinet with clear references to ships but now for a romantic bottle of wine in reach.

The furniture objects always transcend their functionality- A dressing table has the high-heeled legs of a woman, the desk is also a toy caravan, and a side table becomes a Bullbar- and players in a fictional animation film.

written by: Anet ter Horst


Ties Poeth is veel met schimmenspel bezig geweest, waardoor hij een aantal ideeën
voor prentboeken heeft opgedaan. Het eerste boek, De Vloed, is nu gereed.
U kunt meer informatie vinden onder het kopje Boeken.