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Ties Poeth (1957) is a versatile artist, who belongs to the small group of experimental animation filmmakers. His works shows an aversion to stereotypes, clichés and trends. He uses different kinds of techniques. His films are a stream of visual associations, and true to the tradition of Oscar Fischinger, Len Lye and Norman Mc Laren.
Holland Animation Bulletin, International Issue 1997/1998 Anet ter Horst, p.69

The ‘story’, insofar as present, always plays a subordinate part to the dynamics of the images. Poeth:"My style is a way of working, not a certain technique or form. The style emerges from the problem I’m tackling and the form emerges from the way of working. It’s a very instinctive process.” With his films Poeth achieved international recognition.
The Dutch Shorts 2002, Anet ter Horst p. 84

With an exhibition of Dutch animator Ties Poeth ‘s sculptural design objects (in 1998), the Holland Animation Film Festival investigated the healthy ambition of interpreting the concept of animation film culture as broadly as possible.
Holland Animation Bulletin, International Issue 1997/1998 Edwin Carels, p. 29

"I know Ties for more than 25 years and the first question that I asked myself; how does a graphic artist and animation film maker develop into an design-furniture-fantast?" "Was it a coincidence or because the fact that Ties always made his own props and objects for his animated films, like in ‘Loc Light Louis’, the central object and title of film and object in 1998? The truth was close by; in this case with his wife Willy, mother of Thjeu and Maarten. Willy van der Ven (1961-2006) created this new process. In the eighties Ties worked in an Antique-shop and wages were partly in cash, partly in furniture. When the house of Willy and Ties became filled up with dark brown furniture she had enough and asked for ‘some colour and design’ in the house. There was no money for design, so Ties created his own furniture."
Reg ten Zijthoff, former director of the Chassé Theater in Breda, in his opening speech for an exhibition of objects of Ties Poeth at Gallery Ecker, Breda, April19th 2009.

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